Parks, gardens and bridges

Valencia offers a great number of green spaces to compliment its urban cityscape. Don’t forget to visit these wonderful areas for a stroll and to relax.

See below for descriptions of all parks, gardens and bridges or select a different type of attraction:

Botanical Garden

Housing an important botanical ensemble with some 3,000 species of trees and plants, Valencia's Botanical Garden has a vast collection encompassing all continents, including assortments of palms trees, tropical species and cacti.

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Bioparc Zoo and Cabecera Park

Here we highlight two of Valencia’s great parks to which a combined visit makes a great day out. Cabacera Park at the western tip of Turia River Bed Gardens, gives prominence to water, featuring ponds and waterways, and is a great place to top off a visit to Bioparc zoo.

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Viveros Royal Gardens

The Royal Gardens stand out for their historical value, size, sculptures and fountains.

Although some of the most remarkable gardens found in the city, they no longer receive a large amount of traffic due to the popularity of Turia Gardens.

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Umbracle Gardens

This 4-acre (1.75 hectare) garden is housed within a beautiful structure of floating arches through which you can catch glimpses of the sky and the impressive buildings which form the City of Arts and Sciences.

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Glorieta Gardens

Glorieta Gardens is a small green space, which boasts huge trees providing a lovely place to relax right in the city centre. It is the perfect place for a rest while shopping on Colon Street, or to sit down and enjoy a cool drink in the breeze or perhaps even a small picnic.

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Monforte Gardens

Monforte Gardens are one of the less known treasures of Valencia. A favourite with locals for weddings, these gardens are known as one of the best ornamental and botanical gems of the city, yet are less frequented by visitors.

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Bridges in Valencia

Following Turia Gardens, you will find no less than 17 bridges, both old and new, crossing the former riverbed.

Some of the more historical bridges include San Jose Bridge, Serranos Bridge (opposite the city gates), Royal Bridge and Aragon Bridge. Some of the highlights among the newer structures are the 9th of October Bridge and Exhibition (Peineta) Bridge.

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